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How To Turn Your Website Into A Money Making Machine

Turn Your Sito Into A Money Making Machine - Bilingua FrancaAfter our previous post regarding our brand new services, we felt it was the perfect segue into our next piece regarding the messaging and structures websites use to turn online traffic into a customer.

In the current world we live in, the internet is one of the most powerful resources anyone can have. Millions of websites are being created every single day to feed the ever growing demands of internet users from all over the globe. If you are lucky enough to own a website then you know how good it feels to have visitors steadily and consistently coming to your site on a daily basis. However, websites are not supposed to be platforms where visitors just come and go. Websites have the potential of becoming money making machines with the help of website conversion rate optimization.

A Not-So-Functional Website Is Hurting You

As a website owner, you may have invested a lot of time and money in creating a fully functional website that is user friendly, interactive, informative and pleasing to the eye. Your website may already be successful in terms of attracting a substantial amount of visitors or web traffic on a monthly basis. However, your website may not been making as much money for you as you would want. So what may be the problem? Well, it is now a well-known fact that many website owners out there today are overlooking or neglecting a very important aspect of online sales and marketing.

Failing to optimize your website for conversions is basically the main reason why the visitors coming to your site are not translating into sales. The online consumer market is growing every single day. More and more online businesses are being set up in different niches and industries. Competition for online consumers is at an all-time high and this means that you cannot afford to let the people that come to your website leave without you gaining anything from it. Converting web traffic into sales is actually not as difficult as many people assume.

Something of importance to note is that traffic is not the determining factor to online business success. The rate at which you are able to convert visitors into customers is the true determinant to online business success. For example, imagine you receive 10 visits a day to your site and you’re able to turn 2 of them into customers? That would be an amazing conversion rate, and it is very well possible through testing and ensuring you have a clear customer journey established. Many websites on the internet claim to be “authority websites” but in real sense they are just traffic magnets that do not generate any substantial revenue at the end of the month. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you must be able to make proper use of whatever amount of traffic you get whether big or small. So if your website is not as lucky or blessed in terms of web traffic as you would want, there is still hope in earning a living from it if only you invest in optimizing it for conversion. It is much easier to double conversion rate than to double traffic.

Website Conversion Rate Theory

First, it is important to grasp what website conversion is all about. A conversion is when a visitor who comes to your website successfully performs a predefined action that best results in revenue for your business. This predefined action is basically your website’s main objective or goal, and it varies from market and vertical. Your website’s conversion rate is therefore the percentage of visitors who perform this predefined action which aligns with your website’s goal.

Websites have different goals or objectives depending on the niche or industry they belong to. Most eCommerce websites aim at making visitors fulfill actual purchases, sign up for free resources like newsletters and eBooks, subscribe to future promotional offers and many more. Website owners must not lose focus of their websites’ main goals and objectives. Ranking high on search engine results pages should never be the main objective of your website if you want to turn it into a money making machine.

Benefits of Successful Website Conversion Rate Optimization

There are numerous benefits that come with optimizing your website’s conversion rate. First and foremost, you are able to maximize on your website’s profit making capabilities. You can easily benefit from increased return on investment meaning that your website will never run at a loss. Every single dollar you spend on website maintenance activities such as hosting, web design, search engine optimization, and other online marketing ventures will be effectively earned back in no time.

Website conversion rate optimization is therefore the most effective way of turning your website into a money making machine. It is very possible to have a website where almost every visitor translates into a customer or a client, but you will never achieve this state without constant testing and implementation of CRO theoretical practices.

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