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Digital Web Services Sample

On this page you’ll find non-exhaustive samples of our previous work and its impact. Our tactics follow strict guidelines, and in the case of website optimization, Google’s webmaster guidelines. Our tactics work because we are user-centric, and we have the data to prove it.

Cult Research Redesign

Originally designed as a student project, CultResearch.org has been a hub for cult research, cultic resources, and Dr. Lalich’s material since its inception. The number one objective for the current redesign is to allow the incorporation of expert witness work. The project’s scope includes completely recreating a new layout, design, site architecture, and providing an easier navigation and user experience throughout the site: most importantly on mobile devices.

  • Redesigned site has been built utilizing WordPress parent/child themes with fully customized CSS styling.
  • WordPress site overhaul to ensure compatibility on various devices & positive UX.
  • Google Analytics Account property was recovered to track user engagement metrics pre-launch vs post-launch.

Before Redesign

As you can see in the video below, the design of cultresearch.org was originally built in 2008 and received minimal/no maintenance since. Not only was the page speed and site speed very low, but it was not mobile-friendly or responsive to different device screens. It provided a sub-optimal user experience to users on both mobile devices and desktops. The site was in this state for about 8 years, until Bilingua Franca’s Digital Services took charge and completely redesigned the site.


After Redesign

After Cult Research had undergone the redesign, we created an intuitive architecture and an optimal user flow that is not convoluted. Our work resulted in almost a 130% increase in average time per session for all traffic, effectively engaging visitors and a much better user experience. Additionally, we performed back-end developmental changes that improved the overall speed of the site. The site now loads within 2 seconds.


Cult Research Optimization

The aggregate efforts to redesign the site and provide a better user experience for all users resulted in extensive optimization of the site for both users and search engines. We recorded a marked improvement of a 45% increase in organic traffic within a month, along with multiple improvements in other user engagement metrics. See the document below for a summary on the work performed for Cult Research.