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Bilingua Franca

Who we've Worked With

Local, National, & International Clientele

We craft & leverage the web across multiple channels to maximize all digital efforts. Bilingua Franca helps increase your authority & dominance across your market. From local to international, from monolingual to multilingual. 

Services We Offer

Human Translations

Automated translations do not take culture, regional vocabulary, colloquialism, or other figures of speech into consideration. Spanish is incredibly different from English and a machine is unable to understand intent, tone, or your audience. Our bilingualism and biculturalism are an asset you cannot afford to ignore. 

Digital Marketing Services

Bilingua Franca‘s team offers years of experience in the digital marketing arena for local, national, international, and multilingual businesses, whether it is for new brands trying to establish a presence online or for enterprises looking to grow their search engine visibility.

Webmaster Support & Maintenance

We understand the important role a target audience plays in the online ecosystem, but it’s also equally important to offer a smooth and unforgettable user experience. We now offer audit services to ensure your website’s back end is in optimal condition. From eCommerce sites, to educational institutions and B2B businesses. We have your back.

a little about..

Bilingua Franca

Our objective is to help brands effectively market themselves to the Spanish-speaking demographics in North America, and other parts of the world. We use research-proven surefire tactics backed by decades of research and testing. Our methodology is unique because we understand the intricacies of human behavior and robot directives.

With Bilingua Franca, you will translate into success.

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Strategies We Follow

Our Content Creation

We help you provide helpful & informational content on your pages. Not only does this help beat your competitors, but will improve your overall dominance on the web.

Our Conversion Optimization

CRO helps to defend against limited attention span of your average visitor. Doubling your conversion rate means halving your cost-per-acquisition!

Our Search Engine Optimization

Google encourages webmasters to improve user’s experience by resolving content issues, technical errors, & ultimately do keyword research on content they wish to provide.

Our Human Translations

Translations are a complex process that only humans are able to do, because it is not a scientific calculation or mathematical equation. Machines do not understand culture.

People make +3.8 million Google searches per min. Stop losing against big brands. Take advantage of this free source of traffic.

Google Webmaster Guidelines Compliant

Complying with Google’s guidelines means that the strategies we craft for your business are fully supported and backed by the latest technologies in Search. These range from machine learning, to searcher intent, and semantic language. If you’re trying to find quick & easy shortcuts for online success, Bilingua Franca is not for you. 

We craft an online experience so compelling that your visitors will want to promote you by sharing their experience. This increases your trust & authority on the web, which major search engines fundamentally reward by placing higher in search results. This means that your pages and websites will rank very highly for the most relevant keywords that will result in quality traffic. 

Happy Google means happy customers.