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3 Great Spanish Marketing Ideas For 2017

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Great Spanish Marketing Ideas for 2017 - Bilingua FrancaSpanish is one of the most commonly-spoken languages in the world. Even in countries that primarily speak English, such as our home in the United States, there are a very large number of people that speak Spanish.

Marketing your products and services to these people can really help to make a difference. There are a lot of people out there that aren’t being targeted by advertisers. If you are able to reach out to them, you should be able to see some impressive results.

With that said, you won’t be able to launch a marketing strategy unless you manage to come up with a few great ideas. Make sure you keep these suggestions in mind the next time you are putting together a marketing plan.

Spanish Marketing Ideas For 2017:

1. Create Ads In Two Different Languages

When you create a simple ad, don’t just make one version of the ad. Create multiple versions. You can have one version that runs in Spanish, and one version that runs in English. You can even go as specific as using US Spanish and US English! This will increase the relevancy and your audience will relate a lot more.

Making two versions of the same ad won’t be very difficult. Once you have the ad put together, changing the text on that ad won’t be a problem, especially when you can easily work with an English to Spanish translator working on small projects.

In addition, targeted advertising will make it easy for you to ensure that the right people see the right version of each ad. You’ll be able to showcase each version of the ad to the people that are most likely to respond positively to it, and increase conversions (check out our brand new offer of conversion rate optimization).

2. Find The Right Influencers To Work With

Partnerships can be an excellent marketing strategy. An influencer is a person that has the potential to influence a large group of people. An influencer could be a fashion blogger, a YouTuber with a devoted following, or an Instagram star. When you partner up with the right person, you’ll be able to reach people that would have never heard of you otherwise.

With that said, you don’t have to seek out a major celebrity endorsement in order to bring in a new audience. Instead, you should try to find influencers that you can work with, in the platforms that work best for you. There’s no point in finding an influencer in Twitter when your best qualified traffic comes from Instagram, and so on. Every niche is different and every platform has different audiences.

If you partner up with an influencer that is popular with a Spanish-speaking audience, the results that you will get will be very impressive. As a matter of fact, the person that you hire may even be able to come up with a few ideas for you.

Know Your Audience - Bilingua Franca3. Learn More About The Cultures You Are Trying To Get With

There is more than one Spanish-speaking culture in the world. My dear Mexican culture is very different than the Puerto Rican culture, and the culture there is different from the culture in the Dominican Republic.

Additionally, immigrant cultures add an incredibly unique and complex methodology to target. People that have worked to forge a life in a new country have their own way of living, and they have developed their own blend of culture depending on how they interact with the world around them.

The best way to market your target audience is to understand them. When you know who your target audience really is, you will be able to reach them in all kinds of ways.

You may want to team up with someone that can give you more insight into different cultures. Whether that person is an influencer or a marketing professional, they will be able to help you put a fresh new spin on your current strategies.

If you are not marketing to the Spanish-speaking audience right now, then you definitely should be. There’s an untapped market right now, and if you can reach that market, you should be able to improve your customer relationship with your brand and increase your profits significantly.

Make sure you take all of these ideas on board. If you are able to use them adequately, you will be able to grow your business in an unprecedented way.

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