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There is no dearth of Spanish translation services. This is because of the demand due to a growing Hispanic population in the US over the years and companies willing to sell their products internationally & in Spanish speaking countries. In fact, the internet is full of advertisements from various translation agencies claiming to be specialists in Spanish translations.

It can be challenging to find the right Spanish translation service in Phoenix, Arizona, especially when the project involves business documentation and even a slight mistake can lead to problematic concerns. The worst possible decision you can take is to work with a translation company that automates the process. If you are currently looking for a Spanish translation service in the Phoenix Valley, or anywhere in the US, follow your gut and choose the right translation agency. An agency that truly understands, an agency that can match ideas to their respective words in two different languages.

Keep in mind that translations take time and are complex, the quality depends a lot on the translator’s knowledge of the nuances of both the English and the Spanish language. Therefore, you need to make sure that the translator has extensive experience in English to Spanish translations and Spanish to English translations.

You will find many agencies claiming to deal with tens of languages but it is important that you choose an agency specializing in Spanish translations. A company specializing in Spanish translation is more likely to understand the nuances of the language. Bilingua Franca ensures that the Spanish translation retains the intent and meaning of the original document that may be missed by non-native speakers.

Why should I work with Bilingua Franca?

We go above and beyond to surpass your expectations and reassure you why human translations are a must regardless of your industry. We assess your needs and match your tone, audience, and intent accordingly. Machines don't.

Our small team consists of experienced bilingual and bicultural translators from the United States and Mexico. Because of our heritage and background, we excel in the proper, slang, and technical terms of both English and Spanish. Get in touch with Bilingua Franca, and receive a free full consultation.

Translations can be part of bigger plans. Bilingua Franca will ensure the translation projects and campaigns are fulfilled above expectations. Each translation project will be approached on a unique and per case basis to ensure maximum satisfaction, along with a final audit if applicable. 

English/Spanish Translation's Expertise

Translators should have expertise in translating specific documents to make sure that the translation is done in the right manner. For instance, translating a user manual for a manufacturer requires different set of skills as compared to translating a legal contract and audio recordings. One of the problems with other translation services is that clients are not able to determine the quality of work as they may not completely know the language or culture to ensure the target language is actually culturally equivalent to the source. 

Since Spanish is spoken by a very large volume of people in the United States and Arizona, and a number of companies need to localize their content to Spanish, it is imperative that you work with a reliable and trustworthy team.

Keep in mind that translation blunders can cost a lot of money to a business and therefore, you need to take utmost care to choose the right Spanish translation service. Follow the above mentioned tips to choose the right translation service in Phoenix. Do not make the mistake of choosing an agency on the basis of cost, as a professional translation will cost you a bit more than a translation done by amateurs.

Website Translation
Translating your site is a task that you can trust Bilingua Franca on. We will ensure you receive top-notch quality translations performed free of automation software that not only appeals to your audience but engages them and improves your bottom line.
Mobile App Translation
Today’s future lies in mobile devices. We are proud to offer mobile app translation services to any industry. We are constantly looking for individuals and corporations in need of Spanish translations and even Spanish app localizations for their customers.
Content Translation
Bilingua Franca provides content marketing solutions by translating your existing content in a way that resonates the uniqueness of your company. This results in a combination of relevant content and an appeal to your targeted demographic.
Interview Translation
Bilingua Franca’s cultural expertise becomes an incredible resource for Spanish interview translations. We have successfully assisted research organizations in research through qualitative interviews on criminal investigations.
Audio And Video Transcription And Translation
For those small businesses employing social media marketing tactics that include audio & video, we offer the best translation service solution you can find out there. Either transcription in combination with translation, we will be your one-stop shop for any English & Spanish needs.
Subtitles And Caption Translation
Transcription and translation services are offered especially for those with an entrepreneurial spirit starting a Kickstarter campaign. Reach a wider audience and go global with Bilingua Franca. We are your business partner in an international market.


The vast majority of our work is handled over the internet. However, we understand that sometimes there may be a need for us to visit your facility for on-site work.

Get in touch with us, and tell us about your need for Spanish translations or Spanish interpretation services. If you form part of a non-profit organization, we would love to speak to you. All of our services are also offered to non-profits as well.

Our headquarters are located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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