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Online marketing is an umbrella which includes a wide range of activities. A decade ago, digital marketers were limited to advertising in search engines, submitting their websites to directories and optimizing their pages to rank for their most relevant keywords. Today, the digital landscape has changed. Social media, which didn't even exist ten years ago, is now bigger than ever. People access the web from mobile phones, tablets and other similar devices more than from laptops or desktop computers.

The raise of digital marketing has created the need for new specialists in narrower niches such as web content marketing, SEO and conversion optimization. These new services are in high demand, as more and more website owners and business managers realize the need for improving their online presence.

How does Bilingua Franca's content marketing team help clients looking to grow their brand?

Improved Brand Awareness & Reputation
Increasing your brand awareness through content marketing means to create written branded and non-branded content that represents your business. This strategy explicitly and implicitly labels you as an authority in the field. If done right, people will recognize and "feel" your brand anywhere they are on the internet and off the internet.
Higher Visibility in Search Engines
Creating quality content also helps establish relevancy in search engines. This in turn leads to higher rankings and increased traffic from the largest source of free traffic in the world today. Content is also equally valuable in social networks as quality work gets shared all over the net. Overall, there are direct and indirect signals that search engines use to evaluate the authority of a brand, and thus reward you for it.
Decreased Marketing & Customer Acquisition Costs
Content marketing's purpose is to grow your customer base. You effectively target audiences in all stages of the customer journey and speak to their needs and desires. Nurture your customers and potential customers by letting them know you practice what you preach. Your audience will definitely appreciate your information and consider it greatly beneficial, rather than just another marketing pitch.
Additional Branded Content With Value
A content marketing strategy that works creates interest in the brand. Your brand will be associated with producing and delivering true value in advance, and your audience will surely return the favor for it by taking a step towards establishing a relationship with your brand. Think of "The Lego Movie" and Lego's record sales after producing the movie.
Increased Referral & Social Traffic
Quality content gets shared. And there are dozens of amazing social outlets where your content can end up and drive massive amounts of referral traffic and social traffic. The ideal scenario for content marketing is having your content go viral. You really have nothing to lose when it comes to content creation, as it plays amazingly well with other digital marketing channels.
Tighter Customer Relationships
Or relationship marketing. If you followed our list of benefits on why and how content marketing benefits you and your business you will understand that customers are tired of the "same ol' same ol'". Taking relationships to a whole new level and getting personal with your audience is the most viable option to become competitive in the online space. Relate to your audience and foster your brand to improve customer interactions.

Years of Digital Marketing Experience

There are multiple benefits of using a web content marketing service. The most important is that you can have a coherent and solid communication across all digital channels. You are going to promote the same messages and the same core values, hence attracting the same type of people, whether you communicate on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube. Our team of marketing professionals have our own unique approach to content marketing, as well as well-defined processes that helps you obtain, and retain, great results with each and every new campaign our clients launch and implement.

Efficiency is another important advantage of using a web content marketing service. Our team employs specialists who know the job to the tee, thus being able to accomplish a lot more than an outsider within the same time interval. Such advanced methodologies is sometimes too expensive and it has a too steep of a learning curve to be a good solution for in-house content marketing. Most of the time, having a full time in-house digital marketer isn't the best option in terms of profitability, so business owners choose to outsource such services to other companies. Bilingua Franca's team is your best viable option.


Our Content Marketing Strategy

Creating compelling content takes time and requires a high amount of energy. Even if you are a specialist in your industry, you may not be able to generate content good enough to become viral or to attract fans and followers. We don't strive to be the best, we strive to be 10 times better than the best, and this is what it takes to stand out within a world inundated by mediocre content. Marketing messages are so powerful for a reason, and along with our conversion rate optimization service, we leverage research-based methods that actually work and convert visitors at insane rates. Due to our heavy passion in Social Psychology, we are able to speak to the subconscious mind, making visitors react without even noticing it. When your content is created by a marketing expert or by a professional copywriter, you have greater chances to be more effective in communicating with people in your target demographics and psycho-graphics. The information is still the same, but the way it is presented and perceived by your audience changes with these minor tweaks only a savvy marketer knows how to effectively utilize.

Advantages of our web content marketing service:

  1. You will be seen as an authority in your field
  2. Cohesive with other digital marketing efforts
  3. Larger content footprint online, and thus greater visibility
  4. Increased search engine rankings
  5. Decreased marketing and customer acquisition costs

Everybody knows that content marketing is effective. If you have ignored it so far, you should reconsider your biases and reevaluate your marketing strategies. You can always start small and work your way up from the first success to bigger budgets and bigger achievements. By hiring the best digital marketing expert you can find, you are going to dominate the online landscape in your area of expertise. Your potential is surely online. Bilingua Franca is here for you, if you don't want your competitors to win the fight. The sooner you start, the more chances you have to grab a bigger slice of this pie.

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