Turn Your Sito Into A Money Making Machine - Bilingua Franca

How To Turn Your Website Into A Money Making Machine

Bilingua Franca

After our previous post regarding our brand new services, we felt it was the perfect segue into our next piece...

Bilingual Online Marketing Services - Bilingua Franca

Entering 2017 With a Bang

23rd Feb
Bilingua Franca

Suite of Digital Marketing Services Now Available Bilingua Franca is constantly working to improve the quality of services available that will mostly benefit...

Great Spanish Marketing Ideas for 2017 - Bilingua Franca

3 Great Spanish Marketing Ideas For 2017

Bilingua Franca

Spanish is one of the most commonly-spoken languages in the world. Even in countries that primarily speak English, such as...

Bilingua Franca: Traffic Growth

A Growing Trend Requiring Relevant Translations

26th Oct
Bilingua Franca

Roughly 1 out of every 5 Americans today may identify as Hispanic. That is a population totaling  55 million people across...

Can language influence experience? A Look Into Cognition, Language, And Culture

25th Aug
Bilingua Franca

Translation, Cognition, and the Sapin-Whorf Hypothesis Learning a new language begins with the basics of linguistics: nouns, verbs, syntax, conjugation....

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