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Bilingua Franca

noun | bi·lin·gua fran·ca | \ˈbī-liŋ-gwə-ˈfraŋ-kə\


Many years ago, circa 11-19th century, a lingua franca was adopted and used around the Eastern Mediterranean Sea as the primary 13654267_slanguage of commerce and trade. This language was systematically used between people who did not share a native language.

It was originally practiced for commercial purposes, but later evolved as a contact language among those in the Mediterranean Basin. After this, and throughout the entire history of humanity, there have been a multitude of lingua francas: languages forged and evolved by contact with others.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, intercultural communication was completely changed. The race for digitalization began and it seemed like the lines of conversation were being re-opened in a way that humanity had never seen.  English quickly rose as a default language for a majority of international business relations.

The importance of English in today’s world cannot be denied. However, businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of reaching out to Spanish-speaking clientele. There are over 420 million native Spanish speakers in the world making it the second most spoken language, only after the Chinese macro-language. Spanish speakers around the world are a demographic of fundamental importance to the global trade of the 21st century.

No business, entrepreneur, freelancer, blogger, NGO, or non-profit organization can afford to ignore this demographic. We are here to welcome you to a Bilingua Franca of the modern era. We translate, localize, and transcribe text, video, or audio files from English to Spanish or Spanish to English and now offer a full suite of digital marketing services in both languages. Let us focus on what we are passionate about so you can focus on your own passions. We are your gateway to global opportunities.

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