Non-profit Organizations

22519914_sRanging from social research to environmental purposes, small or large, local or international; we deeply acknowledge, support, and encourage collaboration with non-governmental organizations. All of our current services are also being offered to these types of societies.

We understand the ongoing funding limitations experienced by non-profits, and have a strong conviction to cooperate with these associations regardless of their cause.

It is one of our core beliefs to make a difference in our society for the better of the community, and humanity. Be it a grassroots movement, a charity, or a non-profit Kickstarter project, we believe all causes are worthy. Please get in touch with us right away via our contact page, and tell us about who you represent.

Non-profits we collaborate with

Read Bilingua Franca‘s published articles to learn more about how translating your home on the web can benefit not only you, but your cause as well. We would love to be part of your organization’s success and trust that our services will be an astonishing asset for you. We will be your vehicle to achieving the change you are seeking. Together, we can…


Be the change you wish to see in the world

Non-profits in the Scottsdale, AZ vicinity

The vast majority of our work is handled over the internet. However, we understand that sometimes there may be a need for us to visit your facility for on-site work. Get in touch with us, and tell us about your need for Spanish translations or Spanish interpretation services. Our headquarters are located in Scottsdale, Arizona.