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9 Clever Ways To Advertise Small Businesses

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Clever Ways to Advertise to Hispanics - Bilingua FrancaAdvertising is used as a means of getting the word out around something exciting. It can be anything from a new product launch to a sale. When it comes to online advertising for Hispanic audiences, you can’t rely on word-of-mouth discussions to maintain a loyal stream of customers when only a few people are familiar with your brand. You need to be committed to promoting your products and services, especially if you are targeting Hispanic consumers in the United States. They want to know that you actually solve a pain point, and care about their needs and wants.

Through digital advertising, you can align a personal message towards your target audience to build interest and a connection. Not only does advertising help raise awareness within your target market, but it also helps to retain and remind your existing customers that you are still around. Plus, when it comes to the U.S. Hispanic population, they are growing in number and purchasing power. They are the largest minority group in the U.S. and the fastest-growing.

By 2050, the Hispanic demographic are expected to make up around 24 percent of the nation’s total population. This is why Hispanic advertising is a billion-dollar industry. Yet, it is all about relevant marketing. This is especially true if you operate a small business.

When it comes to marketing, here are nine clever ways to advertise small businesses:

Commission a mural

People love art, especially if it adds beauty to an up-and-coming area. If you want to grow your base of Hispanic customers, you might commission a mural in a city with a large population of Hispanics. You might target their interests and use colors popular with this their ethnicity. In addition, you might even create a mural in Spanish, just make sure to translate to Spanish accordingly.

Fun sponsorships

Think of items you can sponsor in various locales. Perhaps you might sponsor a soccer team or have a banner at a soccer stadium. You might sponsor a little league baseball team as well. With sponsorships, it doesn’t feel as aggressive. Plus, it creates goodwill as people will see your company is committed to the community.

Image contests

Photography as a hobby is growing in popularity. Holding a contest doesn’t require a major investment, it can even be done through Instagram or Facebook. Anyone with a social media profile can enter. It also gives you a ton of user-generated content, which you can use and reuse later on. You might have a Spanish-language based photo contest. Think of something that is meaningful among Hispanics that resonates with your target market.

Video contest

Similar to the photo contest, you’ll get some interesting content since video requires a bit more effort. You might be happily surprised by how many talented videographers are out there.

Make your content visually stimulating

You certainly need to include content marketing as part of your advertising strategy, but you can always spruce it up with the addition of eye-catching visual elements. People can get bored quickly. Never overlook the potential of visual elements, but be mindful of what you’re actually trying to accomplish as it could lower your conversion rates. Think of your target market and what they might like to see. Hopefully you’ve done enough research to know exactly what types of images to use.

Start a podcast

These are quite useful since users can download them and listen at their convenience. Studies have shown that millennial Hispanics are still quite tied to their Hispanic culture, even if they are from second or third immigrant generation. You can record it right from your very own conference table. If you need one, here are a few conference table ideas for small budgets.

So, try to incorporate elements of popular aspects of Hispanic culture in your podcasts. You might consider interviewing rising Hispanic stars, singers and business people. You can also discuss news relevant to the Hispanic market.

Create a meme

Everyone loves a good meme. They’re simple and shareable. That’s what you want, to have your content shared thousands or even millions of times. Create a good meme and soon, your company name is going viral.

Establish an online comic

Believe it or not, online comics are thriving. You might look into creating comics that convey the absurd aspects of your industry. To get started, you can even use free comic-generating tools. There isn’t anything wrong with making fun of yourself. It makes your brand much more relate-able, and puts your business in a more down-to-earth and positive light.

Use chalk

Have you ever seen pictures of chalk art online? It’s making a comeback. Even in the digital age, chalk art is beautiful. Try some sidewalk chalk writing. Just keep it clean so as not to offend or cause anyone to erase it immediately. You could even hire a chalk artist to create something breathtaking. Up to you!

Advertising amplifies everything your company is doing. But, it doesn’t have to be boring. Try one or more of the suggestions above to add life to your marketing strategy!

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